How To Prevent and Treat Bruising after Surgery?

Bruising could be as a result of blood leaking from capillaries which have been ruptured underneath the skin. It can be as a result of trauma or because of deficiency in some nutrients or disorders in the mechanisms for blood clotting. It is very common to bruise after surgery. Majority of times even after careful… Read More »

Does Oatmeal Bath Benefits Hives and Eczema with Severe Itching?

Oatmeal has several benefits to the health and the benefits of oatmeal for skincare has been proven and tested ages back. The most recognized way of curing skin conditions like eczema and hives is by dipping in an oatmeal bath. It helps in soothing the skin from itching. Here are several significance of Oatmeal bath… Read More »

Causes Of Swollen Cuticle Area: Home Remedies To Treat It

Sometimes, your cuticles and nails can become inflamed, swollen and red. It is known medically as paroncychia and it is known to happen when the skin around the fingernail is over-cut and gets an infection. The cuticle gets swollen and painful when an infection occurs and there is pus filled with blisters underneath the skin.… Read More »

Causes and Treatment Methods for Cuts on Tongue

Cuts on Tongue Cuts on tongue can often be a cause of severe pain when it they are exposed to foods with high acid content. Slight bleeding, cuts, bumps, sores, swelling and pain can be signs associated with cuts on tongue. A close relationship can be established between cuts on the tongue and tongue ulcers… Read More »

Calcium Deposits On Teeth Causes: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Teeth which is sparkling and clean alongside a healthy smile aids in enhancing your self-confidence and overall looks. However, deposits of ugly calcium on the teeth can make them unappealing. While a toothbrush does not rally have an impact against this build-up, cleaning professionally at your dental office will be of significance. Regardless, these home… Read More »

Arcus Senilis Symptoms: Causes and How Do You Get Rid Of It?

Arcus senilis condition of the eye that is harmless and is mostly noticed in elderly people. It is characterized by the production of yellowish or gray ring around the periphery of cornea. The ring in most people is found in both the eyes. In random situations, the circular ring may be noticed only in one… Read More »

Catfish Sting: Symptoms and home remedies

Catfish lives mostly in lakes and muddy rivers. They are also sometimes found in beaches and temperate waters. When threatened, a catfish will aggressively defend itself, stinging most of the time. They can be identified physically by the presence of whiskers on their mouth. Their whiskers have semblance with that of a cat, hence catfish.… Read More »

Ways of lowering Potassium level in the blood naturally

Our body needs potassium and other vital minerals, especially for digestive and muscular purposes. An anomaly in potassium level can cause several body complications. Potassium, when it is in excess adversely affects the health of the affected individual. Potassium, which acts as an electrolyte has to be maintained at optimal level for the body to… Read More »

Fluid in the Uterus: Causes and symptoms

Ordinarily, the uterus does not hold water in its cavities. It only does during pregnancy. Presence of fluid in the uterus is indicative of an anomaly. The problem however is that most women that suffer this condition are barely aware of it. They only get to discover by a sonogram, or after the symptoms of… Read More »